Redevelopment Plan Update Awarded to Prosser

KingSoutel Crossing Community Redevelopment Plan

Prosser has been awarded the contract to update the 2008 KingSoutel Crossing Community Redevelopment Plan located in northwest Jacksonville. In concert with the City of Jacksonville’s Office of Economic Development and District 10 Council Member Reggie Brown, Prosser is updating the existing Plan to accurately reflect conditions that have changed, add relevant community objectives, and propose improvements based upon current market conditions. The update will serve to eliminate confusion and otherwise improve the community. The first of three community engagement forums was held July 13, 2017. From this, Prosser will be working to remedy five different factors impacting the CRA:

  1. Inadequate Street Layout, Roadways, or Public Transportation Facilities: Lack of sidewalks and adequate bus shelters, Pritchard Road and Soutel Road offset alignment, roadways that fail to meet standards

  2. Faulty Lot Layout Combined with Diversity of Ownership: Substandard lot/parcel size, inadequate properties in relation to current development codes and market dictates, diversity of parcel ownership

  3. Deterioration of Site or Other Improvements: Deteriorated building and site conditions, age of structures, utilities

  4. Lack of Growth in Tax Base: Vacant buildings, undeveloped and underdeveloped properties, loss of market value

  5. Deterrents to Sound Future Growth and Development: Economic disuse, property assemblage problems, visual blight as deterrent to investment

3D Comes to Life at RiverTown

Prosser 3D Visualization of RiverTown Bridge and Entry Feature

Constructed RiverTown Bridge and Entry Feature

The accuracy of our in-house 3D visualization capabilities enhances decision-making and results in client satisfaction. At RiverTown the vision and the end product are identical.

RiverTown Revamp Advances

On April 18, 2017, the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved several modifications to the RiverTown Development of Regional Impact (DRI) that Prosser has led for Mattamy Homes since they acquired the project in 2013.

Prosser has worked hard with them to establish an attractive theme and development program, and together we took aim at numerous ambiguities, cumbersome requirements, and ill-fitting components in the adopted zoning that were frustrating for Prosser, the client and the County. Through a thorough review of the DRI Development Order and the Planned Unit Development ordinance, a discernable and achievable path was established. Signage regulations, multi-purpose pathways, refined school sites, the addition of private docks for extra lots or design garnered, and acknowledgement of five roundabouts on State Road 13 made up the lion’s share of the revisions.


RiverTown Eco-Span Now In Place

This eco-span crossing of Orange Grove Branch Creek through RiverTown will support a 2-lane road and sidewalk that connects the existing RiverTown Main Street with RiverTown Phase 2B. The two eco-span units shown combine for an opening at the base of 36 feet and the maximum interior height in the center of the span of almost 11 feet. The design for the spans was based on a flow of approximately 650 CFS through this creek during a 500-year storm event and was originally designed to be 6 to 13.5 feet high x 8 feet wide box culverts per the stormwater analysis completed by Watershed Concepts in 2006. The cost of the box culverts came to almost $4,000,000 and through value engineering. The result was an eco-span with headwalls.


Project Family

Family Project Proposed Indoor Training Facility

Prosser assisted Analytics Partners in reaching approval for a world class 175,000 square foot indoor training facility on Race Track Road in St. Johns County. This will be the first facility in northeast Florida to bring together basketball, soccer, football, track, volleyball, and baseball – All in one location. It is called Project Family because unlike existing separate locations, they will shuttle athletes directly from local schools. This will allow practice times to be held during normal working days so parents can pick up athletes after work and have some family time following practice time. On the weekends, it is anticipated that large regional gymnastics, basketball, and volleyball events will be held there due to its large enclosed spaces specifically built for this purpose. Lastly, they will have specific spots for elite athletes to train on specific skills.

It is envisioned that this will be a testing site for 40/60 yard dash speeds and agility drills for football and baseball players as they prepare for the professional draft days. Prosser provided analysis of the transportation impacts in the area from such a facility. The County originally viewed this as a YMCA type facility which would have a proportionate share cost of about $6 million. After about eight months of negotiation and County Commission assistance, we reached agreement with staff for $1,290,017 proportionate share payment. If certain roadways become funded before the project is finished, the payment could drop to about $500,000. With this staff agreement, we are scheduling a date for final County Commission approval. If they approve it, the project will proceed and expected to open at the end of 2018.

Sarah King graduates ULI Women's
Leadership program

Congratulations to Prosser's Sarah King (Top row, second from right) for graduating from ULI’s 2nd Women’s Leadership Development Institute (WLDI) last week.

The WLDI is a program created by the Women's Leadership Institute (WLI) that provides women in real estate an opportunity to develop leadership skills in an industry that is recognized as a male-dominated industry. WLI works to support women in real estate by promoting the advancement of women to leadership positions and their visibility in the industry.

Prosser Recognized by S.A.M.E.

On June 28, 2017, the local post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) held the installation of the 2017-2018 Officers and Directors. Prosser’s Brad Davis will serve as Assistant Treasurer and Elizabeth May will serve as Vice Chair of Programs.

At the event, Prosser was awarded the Small Firm Sustaining Member of the Year! Kathy Prosser, wife of the late Dick Prosser, accepted the award on behalf of the company. She also regaled the attendees with a wonderful account of her husband's devotion to SAME with his significant contributions of time, resources and passion for the Society!

Also, Kurt Hyder and Stephen Walcott were recognized for their outstanding graphic design support over the last year. A direct tie was made between our collective effort of coordinating a great program with outstanding graphics and marketing to increase the post's attendance and membership numbers which was noted as a marked improvement over previous years.

Due to wonderful mentoring from Charlie Khan, great support from our Prosser Senior Leaders, Kurt and Stephen and the rest of our team who supported in so many ways Elizabeth May was surprised with the Regional VP medal alongside Charlie Khan.


Each week, Prosser mobilizes with companies and individuals to provide food on the weekend for elementary school children who might otherwise go hungry. We journey to Woodland Acres Elementary School in Arlington where we help unpack and separate foodstuffs donated by Publix and then help bag one of each item for over 300 needy families at the school. This is a very rewarding project, and we look forward to helping again next school year

Number 1 In Our Hearts

Prosser ranked 3rd amongst Small Businesses at the Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2017 "Best Places to Work" luncheon. JBJ received 250 applications and narrowed it down to the Top 10 Small Business finalists.


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